Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Vintage Art Deco Step Bookcase Makeover

Sometimes when I am at an auction viewing day I come across a piece of furniture that just really appeals to me. This bookcase was one such piece. I loved it's Art Deco feel, it was solid, well made and it had great potential to be a useful and beautiful piece of furniture.

  The first step after getting it home was to lightly sand it all over. Not only does this prepare the wood for a new application of paint or varnish but it also gives you a chance to look carefully at the piece and see anything that needs correcting. In this case, there were several nails that hadn't been sunk beneath the surface of the wood and so I set about doing that with a nail punch.

 After the nail punching, the holes had to be filled, I used a interior timber filler which I already had.

There were also a few gouges in the timber that I filled at the same time.

Then a final sanding and she was all ready to paint.

I decided to use the Kettle Green colour from the Australian made Blake & Taylor Furniture Paint range. Blake & Taylor sent me this paint and asked me to try it and post about the results. So far I have been very happy with the paint results. This paint doesn't need a primer and it goes on so easily. I also love how well the brushes wash out with just water.

I applied two coats of paint to the bookcase. The first coat was touch dry in about 30 minutes. I applied the second coat about four hours later.

Once it was finished and ready to dry I just felt that it needed something a little extra, something a little quirky to set it apart. The steps on the bookcase basically gave me the idea.

I applied the numbers 1-4 with stencils onto the end of the bookcase steps using Blake & Taylor's Old White Furniture Paint. A wax finish and it was all done, much lighter and brighter than the original, but with a nod to its Art Deco origins. I hope you like it. Lisa xx

This bookcase is for sale, you can find it in my Etsy shop.

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