About biyt

Hi my name is Lisa and I live in Tasmania, the lovely island state at the bottom of mainland Australia. I have a love of all things vintage. I appreciate the style, workmanship, flair and endurance of vintage products. 

I don't consider myself a mass consumer, I try to find good quality decor items and furniture for my home and to share, I always look for vintage or second-hand and in most cases the dirtier, and the more neglected and unloved the better. From there I try to transform them into a thing of beauty, either through a good clean up in the case of some decor items or a total refurbish in the case of furniture.

Some things I offer for sale, but the majority of things I like to do for my home and friends. Through this blog I will show you how I have achieved my finished products and perhaps share some hints and tips along the way.

I have no professional qualifications in any of this work, just a keen sense of what I love and the vision, determination and elbow grease to do something I love.
I hope you love it too!

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