Friday, 12 July 2013

Vintage Kitchen

There is something very soothing about baking. The opportunity to be creative and to know that your efforts will be instantly scoffed down rewarded.  Last night I baked a date slice, it made me feel good and seemed to be appreciated by everyone else. At times like that, when I choose to cook, rather than have to cook I love being in my kitchen. I am always looking for vintage kitchenware to provide a decor that feels homely and interesting but I also love vintage products that I can still use. Today I thought I'd show you some vintage kitchenware that I have found previously. The items are either for sale or have sold in my Etsy shop over the last year. Have a lovely weekend, maybe do some baking! Lisa xx

Set of Retro Spice Containers

Vintage Glass Citrus Juicer
Vintage Kitchen Scales

Original Blue and Green Floral Retro Willow Kitchen Tins

Vintage Gem Scones
Vintage Ceramic Measuring Cups
Vintage Nally Kitchen Containers

Vintage Green's Gripstand Ceramic Mixing Bowl

Retro Wiltshire Wall-Mountable Knife Set

Vintage Green Ceramic Australian Fowler Ware Mixing Bowl

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