Thursday, 8 August 2013

Vintage Wooden Storage

Most homes never seem to have enough storage options and while big, cheap plastic crates on wheels have their place, what is more endearing than a vintage storage option. Thinking outside the normal applications for these old wooden treasures turns them into attractive displays while also providing that all essential storage. I hope you enjoy browsing some of the storage options that I have sold over the past year.
If you do find a wooden crate, box, shelf or similar in your travels...snap it up, 
I can almost guarantee it won't last long! Lisa xx

Abbotts Cordials - an old Tasmanian company

Vintage School Sewing Box

Vintage Veterinarian's Medicine Carry-all

Vintage Cutlery Tray

Vintage Wooden Crate

Small Vintage Tasmanian Oak Shelves
Old Shell Motor Oil Crate

Vintage Sewing Machine Drawer

Vintage Laurel Kerosene Crate